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OMG KTCHEN WILL BE CLOSED WEEKS OF JULY 1ST AND JULY 15TH! BE SURE TO PLACE ORDERS ACCORDINGLY. WE APPRECIATE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! Satisfy cravings with our protein packed, nutrient rich overnight oats derived from only the freshest ingredients. We are #oatofthisworld.

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Woman Owned • Small Batch • Organic • Gluten-Free • All Natural • Fresh Ingredients


OMG! We've created an overnight oatmeal without fillers OR fluff, just REAL good sh*t. Fueling your body with natural ingredients is our whole vibe. ✨ Organic ingredients, fresh fruit, quality protein — small batch crafted from our kitchen, to yours.

Apple Cobbler


Ingredients: Gluten Free Oats, protein powder (whey isolate or vegan), organic almond milk, oatmeal oat milk creamer, organic granny smith apples, organic chia seeds, monk frui...

Banana Nut Bread


Ingredients: Gluten Free Oats, protein powder (whey isolate or vegan), organic almond milk, vanilla oat milk creamer, organic vanilla extract, organic bananas, organic chia see...



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Customer Testimonials

As a busy mom constantly on the go and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, OMG Overnight Oats have been a game changer and the perfect compliment to my busy lifestyle. I know exactly what I'm eating and not only are they healthy, they are DELCIOUS!

Joei M.

This is by far my favorite breakfast and way to start the day! Both nutrient and protein packed, but also tastes amazing! I recently bought some for my family who also loved them saying they are the perfect size for breakfast and my mom who is a vegan says it’s the best vegan meal she’s ever had!

Diego G.

I tried OMG Overnight Oats when I first started a new flexible diet plan. It requires me to count my macronutrients in everything I eat. I can't tell you how beneficial and time saving it was to have the macros listed on the jar. And the OATS... Omg, delicious. I don't know what she does, but I have never tasted Oats like this before. Tastes just like dessert!

Allison M.

I was never a breakfast eating kind of guy... UNTIL I tried OMG Overnight Oats. Wow! Since I like to workout in the morning, this is a perfect grab & go. I'm a customer for good!

Ricky B.

OMG! I am now officially a huge fan of overnight oats. I love being able to grab this quick snack when I’m on the go. The macros are great, flavors are even better, and my toddlers go crazy over them!

Felicia A.

If you're looking for the perfect breakfast on the GOOOO that your entire fam will approve of... You MUST try these oats! My 2 year old daughter legit stole my peaches & cream oats.

Sage A.

I have yet to find another breakfast that packs this much protein and tastes this GOOD! My oats always taste so fresh. They are my favorite post workout meal and my go-to if I need a snack in the afternoon. The Peach crumble, Apple Crumble and PB&J are my faves.

Gabby M.

OMGGG! Not only is Alexis one of my favorite people on the planet, but I am absolutely OMG obsessed with these overnight oats. I love knowing my body & soul are being nourished with quality ingredients while also supporting a fellow FEMALE business owner.

Nicole M.

I recently had the pleasure of trying OMG Overnight Oats and there is literally nothing like them on the market, nor even CLOSE to how delicious they are. Amazing brand!!!

Matt G.

A neighborhood favorite! These overnight oats are not only delicious and taste like dessert, but jam packed with all of your essential macro nutrients, especially protein. These are definitely the best way to start your day!

Kirsten S.

It is evident the love and care that goes into each serving of OMG Overnight Oats. From the thoughtful, delicious flavors to the beautiful packaging, not a detail is overlooked. These tasty oats are great post workout or post anything, really!

Holly P.

I have heard how good overnight oats are, but have never tried them until having OMG Overnight Oats! My husband who doesn’t (or rather didn’t) like oats tried the Strawberry Sundae and there has been no going back since! We are true fans and look forward to the weekly drops!

Rosalyn M.

OMG overnight oats are literally the best overnight oats I’ve ever had. Alexis does a marvelous job of putting together fresh ingredients with specific macros. All of her current flavors are amazing. They don’t make you feel bloated, and the protein count is amazing. Awesome product and can’t recommend enough!

Dr. J

Woman Owned • Small Batch • Organic • Gluten-Free • All Natural • Fresh Ingredients •