What is OMG overnight oats sweetened with?

OMG does not add any syrups, sweeteners, or nectars to our recipes. The sweetness you taste will only be from fresh fruit and a small amount of stevia that is in the clean whey isolate protein. We want you to taste the freshness of real food in every bite!

How quickly will I receive my order?

Orders are due by midnight every Wednesday and home deliveries are made on Sunday and pick up at one of our many locations is Monday after 11! Our delivery drivers will always message you with an ETA and after your order has been delivered...we aim to make deliveries and pick ups as seamless as possible!

What kind of protein is used in the oats?

Our regular recipes use a clean whey isolate which the body absorbs and digests faster than other whey proteins. Our vegan recipes use an organic pea protein that complements the oats very nicely... I am selective in the quality of protein we provide for our customers, only the best!

How can you explain the quality in every cup?

Every order placed is truly made with love and our hand crafted recipes have been designed to give you that OMG experience we all want when taking your first bite. Every ingredient is weighed and measured to the specific amount and made with your health, nutrition, and overall wellness in mind. We are here to help you maintain your heatlhy lifestyle, reach your goals, and stay within those macros you may be counting. 

What sets OMG apart from other overnight oatmeal brands?

At OMG, we use absolutely no preservatives EVER…. We pride ourselves on our small batch, curated overnight oats freshly made weekly, so there will never be any gums, jellies, or added anything… It is our promise to YOU!!

Do you offer custom orders?

We know there are many allergies out there, so we do our best to accommodate allergies and sensitivities on an individual order basis. However, we cannot accommodate allergies in our retailers; so please reach out to us directly if you’d like to place a special dietary restriction order. We all deserve to have that OMG experience and if it is within our means to do so, we sure will make it happen for you!

What is the OMG satisfaction guarantee?

If you don’t say, “OMG... It’s so delicious,” after trying our tasty overnight oats, just email us and we’ll happily give you a full refund of your purchase. A promise from me to you! 

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